AppleSkin is an innovative material made from upcycled waste from apple juice production. All fruitleathernyc bracelets are made of AppleSkin. 

Food Waste

Approximately 37,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetable produce go to waste each year. From the fruit we produce for consumption, 45% gets thrown away. The question is how can we turn unused fruit into useful materials and products? At fruitleathernyc, our bracelets are 100% made from a material called AppleSkin. We are working to combat the problem with food waste by turning recovered waste from apple juice production into vegan leather jewelry.

Cruelty Free

Each year more than a billion animals are slaughtered to create leather hides. Many of the animals face horrible factory farming. In the making of AppleSkin, there are zero animals harmed. Being 100% vegan and cruelty-free, fruitleathernyc offers customers the opportunity to wear a killer look without any killing. 

Our Environment

While buying faux leather means you are avoiding animal products, faux leather is extremely harmful to the environment. Faux leather is made of plastic fibers called polyurethane. This means purchasing pleather means more plastic, more waste, and more harm to our planet. fruitleathernyc goes beyond pleather. Our vegan leather AppleSkin aims to help our planet, not hurt it.  With every Kilogram of apple residuals used to substitute polyurethane, 5.28 Kilograms of CO2 are being saved. We aim to lower both CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions with all of our products.