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fruitleathernyc offers vegan leather bracelets that are made from a material called AppleSkin. AppleSkin is a bio-based leather that is produced using waste from the apple juice industry. Discover our story and meet the people that makes the brand what it is.

Apples are grown in Bolzano, Italy and juiced on an industrial scale. The waste of the juice is composed of cellulose fibers that create the AppleSkin material.

How to look after AppleSkin

Vegan leathers are more delicate than leather of animal origin, so we recommend removing stains with a smooth sponge soaked in a little water. If the stain persists, let it soak for a few minutes.


Practicing sustainable ways for producing materials, specifically upcycling of apple waste.

Paying fair wages and ensuring safe conditions for garment workers.

Lowering carbon and greenhouse gas emissions created by fashion industry.